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Rush Poker at Full Tilt Poker

  Jan 20

Rush Poker was recently launched on Full Tilt Poker, is it the fastest poker game in the world?

Rush Poker is a new type of poker and it is incredibly fast. From now on you will never have to wait for your opponents to make a move, at least not if you are playing Rush Poker on Full Tilt Poker. This new concept of poker is designed so that players don´t have to wait for their opponents to make a move if you fold. You will always be in the action.

When you play at the Rush Poker tables at Full Tilt Poker you are included in a larger pool of players, also playing Rush Poker and when you fold a hand, you are immediately moved to a new poker table. Whenever you are moved to a new table you are put together randomly with other players from the player pool and as soon as you are moved to the new poker table you are dealt a new hand. This means that you never have to wait to be dealt a new hand if you don´t want to play the last hand you were dealt.

When you have choosen the table you want to play at and your buy-in amount, a 3 second countdown will start and then you will be placed at the first available table. When you join a new table you will post big blind which all player have to do. When you have posted your first big blind on a Rush Poker table, the player who has played the longest since his last big blind on your table will post big blind for that hand. The small blind is randomly set to one of the player at each table and all players are seated at different positions randomly.

Quick fold

Quick fold is the essence of Rush Poker as this button allows you to fold a hand before the action has come to you. But the other players at your table can´t see that you have folded until it is your turn even though you are moved to another table immediately when you click Quick Fold.

If you are up for it, you can play multiple Rush Poker tables at the same time. However you will never be placed at the same table as you are already placed at.


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